Boris Johnson faces Conservative rebellion over plans to build more rural homes

The Mail on Sunday reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson MP (Con) is facing a mounting revolt within his party over plans to boost house building amid claims the 'disastrous' policy could be damaging to the party

He is being warned that pushing for more new homes in Conservative areas while insisting on less development in Labour-supporting cities will cost the party at the next election.

The protests come as a leaked analysis of a proposed new national housing formula revealed Conservative-run local authorities outside London overall should deliver more than 30,600 extra houses every year. In contrast, Labour-run town halls would be asked to deliver 1,500 fewer homes each year.

On Friday 11th September, Sir Bernard Jenkin MP (Con) indicated that he would not vote for the plans and warned that imposing more homes on England's green spaces amounted to a 'circle of doom for rural areas in the Home Counties'.

Andrew Bridgen MP (Con) echoed this, arguing that 'concreting over' rural areas was a 'timebomb' for the Tories which would go off in the approach to the next general election.

Full article:

The Mail on Sunday - Boris Johnson faces massive Tory rebellion over radical plans to build more rural homes - as senior back-benchers blame the PM's policy on a 'mutant algorithm'


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