Biomass Heat Works!

Are rural areas being forgotten about in the heat decarbonisation debate?

Neil Holland of the Biomass Heat Works! campaign explains…

“The Government needs to, very quickly, find the most proven, sustainable and commercially-viable routes to achieving net zero targets. The decarbonisation of heat, in particular in rural and farming areas, needs a clear, effective strategy to ensure that those living, working and operating businesses in off-gas grid communities aren’t left behind their urban counterparts.

“With Government backing, investment and public support, biomass heat could play a key role moving forward, massively uplifting the rural economy and creating new jobs in farming, agriculture and forestry. Many European countries have seen huge success doing so, and as a fast-growing sector with a well-established supply chain serving mostly rural areas, the UK needs to follow suit.

“Biomass currently supports 46,000 bioenergy jobs and 700+ supply chain companies in the UK, but specifying it in future heat decarbonisation policy could also mean a rise in consumer demand from 5.5% to 15% (from 2020 to 2032*) and 100,000 jobs, predominantly in rural areas. In most cases, biomass is the lowest carbon option available to rural homes and businesses, particularly farms, therefore given current climate change issues and the need to reduce emissions, the solution already exists.

“…and that’s why the Biomass Heat Works! campaign is calling on Government ministers to identify biomass as the most fit-for-purpose solution and create a revised and extended version of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) before it ends in March 2021. We’re also asking members of the UK’s rural communities far and wide, as well as domestic and non-domestic users, to get behind our campaign (sign up here and push for biomass to be part of a wider rural, economic and climate change strategy given its efficiencies.

“Partnering with the Rural Services Network allows us to deliver our message to members and we hope that the majority get on board. Biomass encompasses everything from effective woodland management, sustained year-long work for agricultural contractors; farming through the summer months and increased trade during the winter (heating) season, to farm businesses being able to rival international competition with lower energy costs. By demonstrating a clear need for biomass – using low value tree parts – we have a very strong argument that would create a highly sustainable rural economy, good employment opportunities and business growth whilst contributing to carbon reduction targets.”

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