Barclays to close more bank branches in 2022

Consumer survey outlet Which? reports that Barclays has announced it will close two more bank branches in early 2022 further restricting access to cash for rural communities

The news comes as the Financial Conduct Authority revealed that the number of bricks-and-mortar branches of larger banks and building societies offering personal current accounts fell by 267 between April and June 2021, leaving just 5,599 left open in the UK.

Barclays announced it would close its outlets in Daventry and Towcester in February 2022, in addition to the 63 already shut this year.

According to Which? analysis, Barclays is the individual bank that has reduced its network the most, with 650 branches closed – or scheduled to – by the end of 2021.

The FCA’s latest figures show that in rural England, 77.3% of people are within 2km of a free source of cash, compared with 99.7% of people living in urban areas.

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Which? - Barclays to close more bank branches in 2022


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