48% more people in urban areas than rural areas believe that “British society is fair”

PwC released a report last week which found that Londoners are twice as likely to say that society is fair than citizens in the South West, North West or East of England, with those living in urban areas 48 per cent more likely to feel fairly treated than those in rural areas.

This comes as  the MJ reported on analysis by the University of Sheffield which revealed that areas traditionally thought of as affluent, like Tunbridge Wells, Guildford and Cambridge, also feature highly on lists of the 20 most unequal areas in England

The research showed that the majority of people and families we might consider to be ‘poor’ actually live outside the most deprived neighbourhoods, and argued for a more in-depth look at the question of whether the majority of deprived individuals actually live in the most deprived locations. In response, councillors called for strengthened powers and resources in order to improve local support and make much faster progress in bringing poverty rates down.

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