Postponement of the 24/02/2020 West Midlands Regional Seminar

Taking into account the current weather & flooding situation across the country we have decided to postpone the West Midlands Regional Seminar which was supposed to take place this upcoming Monday, 24th of February 2020 at Stafford Borough Council.
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App helps emergency services identify those lost in rural areas

The Telegraph reports on a new app called what3words, which is being used by emergency services to identify people lost in rural areas

It was co-created by Chris Sheldrick, who developed an interest in postcodes and location services after visitors to his childhood home in rural Hertfordshire were ‘rarely able to locate [the] house’.

The app works by dividing the world into three-metre squares. It then assigns each square a unique three-word combination, calling upon a dictionary for 40,000 words.

By tapping a button on the app, users can deduce a unique location code in seconds which can then be shared to pinpoint an exact location.

Currently, 46 UK bodies – including police, fire, ambulance and coast guard services – have signed up.

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? The Telegraph - What3words: the ingenious mapping app that's saving lives around the world


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