4G antenna tackles broadband not-spots

A 4G antenna launched by telecoms giant EE can connect isolated rural homes to superfast broadband.

The 4G antenna is being introduced following trials in Cumbria where it providing rural homes with connections as fast as fibre.

The operator claims it could help 580,000 rural homes gain access to high speed connectivity – often for the first time.

Customer trials in the Northern Fells area of Cumbria delivered speeds of over 100Mbps – far outstripping the slow connections obtained by many rural users.


The 4G home broadband combines the 4GEE Home Router with a powerful external antenna and professional installation service.

It allows customers to access EE’s superfast 4G network which currently extends to 90% of the UK’s landmass – equal to more than 99.6% of UK homes.

EE marketing director Max Taylor said thousands of families could now enjoy the benefits of superfast broadband inside their home for the very first time.

“As our network continues to expand into some of the most remote parts of the UK, we’ve seen the amazing impact that 4G connectivity can have on rural communities.

    Fast and consistent

The new antenna is fitted to the side of a customer’s property by EE’s professional installation provider and is connected to the 4GEE Home Router situated inside the home by a cable.

This eliminates any loss of signal due to thick exterior walls, improving both the speed and consistency of the 4GEE Home Router.

The new service has been described as transformative by Rory Stewart, MP for Penrith and The Border.

Mr Stewart said: One of the real challenges is getting fixed fibre into people’s houses because they are so sparsely populated in rural areas.

“The great thing about EE’s new solution though is that it’s wireless - allowing people to get superfast home broadband via 4G.

    Introductory package

“As the number of new mobile masts continue to roll out, more and more areas of Cumbria will come online.

“With access to fast broadband, people’s lives really will be transformed.”

Customers can sign up to a 4GEE Home pay monthly plan with introductory packages from £35 to £60 which include the 4GEE Home Router.

They can add on the antenna and arrange professional installation at a convenient time for a one-off payment of £100.


Northern Fells Broadband chairman Mal Hilton said the new service would help households in isolated areas where residents may never receive fibre connectivity.

“It is going to radically change the lives of people in this community. With fast and reliable home internet for the very first time, they can now function like everybody else in the UK.”

Countryside Alliance head of policy Sarah Lee said fast and reliable internet was just as essential in the countryside as it is in urban areas.

“We welcome this innovative 4G solution from EE and believe it will have a big impact on some of the most remote communities across the UK.”


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