Farmers - No-deal Brexit 'catastrophic'

UK farmers and landowners have written to MPs to warn of the disastrous impact of a no-deal Brexit on food supplies, as reported by the Guardian.

They expressed three main concerns: disrupted food supplies, high prices and farmers going out of business because the EU market could be closed to UK food exports for six months.

There are also worries about British farming being undermined by ‘cheaper, lower-quality, imports’ such as chlorinated chicken.

The National Farmers Union, which coordinated the letter,  has said that the 6,000 UK meat processing plants that export to the EU will have to once again be audited by British and EU authorities before passing to a veterinary committee for the final decision, a process which could take six months ‘at a conservative reading’.

Full article:

→ The Guardian - No-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for food supply, say UK farmers


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