About us

The Rural Services Network is the national champion for rural services, ensuring that people in rural areas have a strong voice. We are fighting for a fair deal for rural communities to maintain their social and economic viability for the benefit of the nation as a whole.


 We have 4 priorities for our work:

  • Public Sector Funding
  • Barriers to Access
  • Future of Rural Areas
  • Health and Wellbeing

More information about the RSN priorities can be found here

The RSN works under a number of separate groupings and subject specific alliances. Each of these groupings works slightly differently. Overall the network comprises around 150 Local Authorities and over 100 non Local Authority service providers in both the public and private sector.

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Sparse Rural Services

This is our grouping of very sparsely populated Local Authority members and we campaign on their behalf for fairer funding for rural areas.

Click to find out more about the services we provide SPARSE RURAL



Rural Assembly

This is made up of rural Local Authorities and also encompasses the Rural Services Partnership. It shares information and best practice on rural issues and works to provide a collective voice for rural areas to raise the profile of particular issues that they face in delivering services to rural communities. It also includes the SPARSE RURAL Members.

Click to find out more about the services we provide the RURAL ASSEMBLY



This brings together key figures in the world of rural policy and practice to help steer rural research to support organisations delivering services to rural communities.

RURAL ENGLAND is a Community Interest Company

Click to find out more about the RURAL ENGLAND organisation



RSPThis grouping brings together a range of non local authority rural service providers.

This is a company Limited by Guarantee.

Click to find out more about the services we provide the Rural SERVICES PARTNERSHIP

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health-about-usThis network aims to support the full range of organisations working in rural health by sharing best practice and experiences including the Rural Health Conference.

Click to find out more about the RURAL HEALTH NETWORK


Rural Housing AllianceThis grouping focuses on issues affecting Rural Housing and comprises over 40 specialist rural Housing Associations.

Click to find out more about the NATIONAL RURAL HOUSING ALLIANCE and its work



This group provides simple support to rural grass roots organisations to keep them informed of key rural issues and funding opportunities.

Click to find out more about the services we provide the RURAL SERVICES COMMUNITY


Rural ManifestoWe launched our Manifesto ‘Seeking the best for rural areas 2015-2020’.

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The RSN:

• Makes representations on issues affecting rural services
• Promotes active networking between service providers and across all sectors
• Establishes and broadcasts rural best practice
• Promotes debate and interaction between agencies/sectors across many areas of joint interest for example rural crime, rural housing, broadband provision and rural health

Ensuring that the additional cost of provision of many services across the countryside is reflected in funding formulae is an important issue for the Network. We represent that case to government and other policy makers. We facilitate the All Party Parliamentary Group on Rural Services involving over 60 Parliamentarians.

The Network is unique in Europe. It fosters constructive debate on all English rural service issues, encouraging best practice and active engagement by all with rural issues.

- To find out more about specific members of our team and to contact them directly please visit the Contact us page

- To view the Sparse Rural constitution click here