Rural transport faces many challenges.

They range from high petrol and diesel costs as a percentage of household budgets to the lack of public transport in many areas and the threats to its survival in others.

Changes to public transport subsidies make community-run initiatives increasingly important to a growing number of rural residents.

The topic has rarely been bigger or more pressing.


Latest updates:

Half of threatened bus services saved
9 March 2015
More than half of the bus services previously threatened with closure in Lancashire have been spared. (BBC Online)

Would you pay 10p more for petrol to save rural buses?
17 March 2016
A Green Party MEP has called for a 10p-a-litre increase in fuel duty to save rural bus services. (Plymouth Herald)

Threatened bus services win temporary reprieve
25 March 2016
A BUS service linking Malvern, Upton and villages in between has been given a six-month stay of execution by Worcestershire County Council. (Worcester News)

Dorset 'determined' to find alternative rural transport
25 February 2016
Dorset County Council says a reduction in rural bus funding could mean more people have access to transport because they will look at different ways to help people get around. (Dorset Echo)

Passengers plan to save axed rural bus routes
25 March 2016
TWO bus routes due to be axed early next month may be saved through being taken over and run by some of their regular passengers. (Bridport News)


Kent Council bids to save £400k on rural routes
8 March 2016
Cuts to some rural bus services in Kent are on the agenda under plans to shave £400,000 from the council's transport budget. (Kent Online)

Funding aims to make rural communities safer
12 March 2016
The Scottish Government has an announced a £2.85 million boost for the Strategic Timber Transport Fund. (Brechin Advertiser)

Wales needs own Oyster cards, says review
18 March 2016
A Welsh Assembly committee argues that a Wales-specific version of London's Oyster card travel system should be introduced. (Wales Online)

‘Confusion’ over rural bus service cutbacks
24 March 2016
A THURROCK councillor representing a rural community says confusion reigns over plans by Essex County Council to cut some bus services. (The Enquirer)

MP welcomes £7.7m payout to save rural buses
23 February 2016
Louth & Horncastle MP welcomes news that rural bus services and children's centres are set to be saved following a £7.7m government payout. (Grimsby Telegraph)

Rural bus service marks 15th anniversary
17 March 2016
Lincolnshire County Council marks the 15th anniversary of its CallConnect bus service - with a special cake and free travel up for grabs. (Lincolnshire County Council



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