Rural transport faces many challenges.

They range from high petrol and diesel costs as a percentage of household budgets to the lack of public transport in many areas and the threats to its survival in others.

Changes to public transport subsidies make community-run initiatives increasingly important to a growing number of rural residents.

The topic has rarely been bigger or more pressing.


Latest updates:


Rural development schemes to offer £30m boost
16 July 2015
Rural transport, jobs and food production will be boosted by schemes offering £30m worth of funding in Wales. (BBC Online)


Community transport group celebrates tenth anniversary
3 August 2015
A COMMUNITY transport service in Weardale is preparing to celebrate its tenth anniversary this month. (Northern Echo)


Summer bus service takes passengers to beauty spots
1 August 2015
FAMILIES wishing to make the most of the summer holidays can visit the Mole Valley without getting behind the wheel. (Dorking & Leatherhead Advertiser)


OPINION: Public transport can't be left to free market
31 July 2015
GORDON Matheson believes it is time to reverse the Thatcher era privatisation of our bus services and put local people back in charge of vital public services. (Daily Record)


Reporting of potholes halves in West Sussex
4 August 2015
Reporting of potholes on West Sussex roads has halved in the past year, according to county council figures. (Worthing Herald)


Bus journeys get greener and cheaper for teenagers
30 July 2015
New models of more fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly buses which are being rolled out in Meirionnydd. (Cambrian News)


Community transport group gets cash boost
29 July 2015
Banbury Assisted Transport Scheme (BATS) has raised more than twice its £400 target thanks to a surprise intervention by Banbury Cross Round Table. (Banbury Guardian)


Bus fares shoot up by a quarter as 2,000 routes axed
19 July 2015
Labour has warned of a crisis hitting the old, the disabled, the young and isolated rural communities. (Daily Mirror)


Impact of rural transport cuts
24 July 2015
Cuts have meant fewer services for the group. (BBC Northern Ireland)

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