Access to adequate broadband - and indeed the lack of it - remains a big challenge for rural business and communities.

Remote rural areas often face challenges with technological advances as they are grafted on to existing networks.

Broadband is the classic example.

Lack of technological capacity can impact on areas from both an economic and a social viewpoint.

The Rural Services Network aims to ensure rural communities are fully updated on both developments and concerns.


Latest updates:

Want superfast broadband? Do it yourself
22 September 2015
Rural communities - fed up with the lack of broadband - are building their own superfast connections. (BBC Online)


Wiltshire signs £3.5m broadband deal
23 September 2015
Council chiefs have signed up with BT for the second phase of the county's rural broadband rollout. (Western Daily Press)

Small step forward for Bute rural broadband
15 September 2015
A community broadband scheme has been awarded £5000 to bring broadband to parts of Bute. (The Buteman)


Rural broadband? Smoke signals would be quicker
29 September 2015
Rural areas should be seen as a test of broadband policy, says the leader of Hampshire County Council. (


MP calls for rural broadband survey
14 September 2015
Staffordshire MP Jeremy Lefroy has called for a rural business broadband survey to see who is connected. (Staffordshire Newsletter)


Free broadband dishes for remote homes
15 September 2015
Remote properties will be offered free satellite dishes under a government plan to connect rural areas to broadband. (The Telegraph)


Superfast broadband 'essential' to rural business
23 September 2015
Fast broadband connections are essential infrastructure for rural businesses, says Arundel MP Nick Herbert. (Mid Sussex Times)


Fast broadband boosts Cumbria's business ranking - MP
16 September 2015
Superfast broadband connections helped to boost Cumbria's 'top ten' rural business ranking, says Rory Stewart (Westmorland Gazette


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Broadband Toolkit

Broadband Toolkit

The BDUK rural community broadband fund toolkit is for communities who want to help bring superfast broadband to their area.


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Calor has a long history of supporting not only the local areas in which it works, but also the rural communities it serves.

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Battling for Broadband

The Battling for Broadband campaign from Farmers Weekly magazine includes some of the latest research on rural broadband speeds.

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Social enterprise could be the only way your community gets broadband. Learn how to install it and bring the world to you.

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Next steps to take if you're struggling to get things done online - or can't even get online at all.

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Rural Vulnerability Service
Sponsored by Calor, the Rural Vulnerability Service is a FREE information service brought to you by the Rural Services Network.


Calor was set up 75 years ago with the intention of bringing clean, efficient and modern energy to rural Britain. This focus continues today with 75 per cent of Calor's business in the British countryside.


Calor supports efforts to tackle climate change and fuel poverty. As an energy provider, it wants rural communities to have a strong voice in the energy efficiency debate – and the same opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and fuel costs as exists in urban on-grid areas.


For details about Calor's work with rural communities, click here.

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