Access to adequate broadband - and indeed the lack of it - remains a big challenge for rural business and communities.

Remote rural areas often face challenges with technological advances as they are grafted on to existing networks.

Broadband is the classic example.

Lack of technological capacity can impact on areas from both an economic and a social viewpoint.

The Rural Services Network aims to ensure rural communities are fully updated on both developments and concerns.


Latest updates:

Satellite broadband launched in Gloucestershire
4 September 2016
SUPERFAST satellite broad – the fastest-ever service commercially available in the UK – has reached Gloucestershire. (The Gazette)

Councils unhappy with ‘misleading’ broadband
4 August 2016
The Local Government Association has criticised the way that broadband providers advertise their speeds, saying it’s “misleading” – especially for properties in rural areas. (Broadband Choices)

Rural 'challenges' for fibre broadband roll-out
18 August 2016
More than 85% of households in Scotland now have access to fibre broadband, but reaching the remaining rural areas will be a challenge, according to a report. (BBC Online)

Councils call for action on broadband speeds
27 July 2016
Town hall chiefs have called on Whitehall to re-affirm its commitment to minimum broadband speeds across the country. (LocalGov)

Farmers urged to complete broadband survey
8 August 2016
Farmers are being urged to take part in a new survey, which has been launched to help lobby changes for those struggling to get decent access to internet and mobile signals. (The Herald)

Yorkshire broadband target to be missed
28 June 2016
Some remote communities in North Yorkshire will not get high-speed broadband despite being promised 100% access by 2017, a council has admitted. (BBC Online)

Broadband at heart of new rural manifesto
2 September 2016
Scottish Rural Action will launch its new manifesto with a heavy emphasis on improving broadband provision in remote and rural areas. (Island News & Advertiser)

New broadband technology tested on Lewis
19 August 2016
Telecoms giant BT is testing new technology in the Western Isles designed to increase the speed of fibre broadband over long distances. (BBC Online)

?Rural champion celebrates superfast broadband
29 August 2016
A national organisation which has campaigned for better broadband for rural businesses is itself now benefitting from faster fibre. (Leek Post & Times)

BT broadband customers face internet outages
21 July 2016
BT’s broadband network found itself with a major fault yesterday that left customers all across the UK with slow internet, or without a connection at all. (Broadband Choices)

Rural areas to benefit from faster broadband
6 September 2016
DOZENS more communities in Dorset are to benefit from the roll-out of superfast broadband. (View News)

Villagers step up broadband campaign
5 August 2016
Villagers near Nantwich are stepping up their fight to improve rural broadband services. (Nantwich News)



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Broadband Toolkit

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