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Inquiry asks: What next for localism?

Written by  Ruralcity Media
Inquiry asks: What next for localism?

PARISH councils have launched an inquiry asking the question: What next for localism?

The inquiry is being coordinated by the National Association of Local Councils, which represents the interests of England's 8,500 town and parish councils.

It is asking key stakeholders in local government and beyond for their analysis, insight and advice on where localism needs to go next.

Findings will be made available to the government, the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Local Democracy and local councils themselves.

The inquiry is being run in conjunction with the All Party Parliamentary Group on local democracy, which is chaired by Rory Stewart, MP for Penrith and the Borders.

A booklet of thought-provoking articles by key thinkers across the political spectrum accompanies the inquiry, said NALC head of policy Justin Griggs.

"We want to get people thinking about the future of local councils and generating ideas about how the current policy, legislative and financial frameworks can be improved.

"We're interested in finding out what support is needed to really unlock the capacity and potential of local councils – including everyone working in and around them – and in exploring what can be done to enhance their delivery capability and productivity.

"More than anything we hope through the inquiry to come up with radical new ideas to help hyper local democracy truly flourish into the future."

Mr Griggs said he hoped to hear from everyone with an interest and passion for local democracy and community action – whether they were involved locally or nationally.

Stakeholders are encouraged to share their ideas – as well as rating and commenting on the thoughts of others – through a dedicated website at

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  • Guest (Elli Pang)


    localism as an idea is, surely, good. The danger lies in this turning into opportunies for ever greater corruption and - mis-use of 'power' combined with some 'stupidity' and party political interests - might make things worse ...
    it all depends on what the 'idea' ... (ideal) envisages and how this is translated into reality ...
    this could become a play-ground /incomefor third sector businesses to 'advise' and ' guide' and 'dominate' - no democracy that way!

  • Guest (David Heritage)


    We have lost track of the fundamental issues to our rural way of life.

    Regeneration will come from awareness as to the cause of its demise. The cause being public sector growth and reduced localism capability.

    How did it manifest? By not understanding that Culture, Identity, Use of Local resources, Reduced skills, closure of services are all part of peoples links with Landscape.

    Take the Identity out of peoples link with Landscape and the rot sets in.

    Reverce this trend and you have happen

    from 23 Netherend Rd, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8PH, UK
  • Some time ago the church lost credibility with the majority of the population. Political parties have now gone the same way. This inquiry is at least a chance to have your view on localism. What we need is for community activists to get involved. Identity, local distinctiveness and quality of life are all local but intangible factors that many search for. Parish councils could be the answer, or another problem?

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