Think Tank Round-up

The Think Tank Round-Up is a short summary of recent reports of interest to local government and the wider public sector, put together by members of the policy team at Oxfordshire County Council.

This edition covers the first four months of 2016, and includes:

* The Institute for Government on "Making Devolution Deals Work"
* The LGA on behavioural insights in health, and digital transformation
* Policy Exchange on "Smart Devolution"
* The NLGN Commission on Place-Based Health
* The RSA on localism and devolution, including the Wiltshire experience
* Nesta on "Connected Councils"

...and many more, as they say.

Do drop me a line if you see (or indeed produce) other reports you think it would be worth summarising and circulating.

John Courouble

April 2016


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New Local Government Network, September 2014

Resulting from surveys and a workshop held with local government leaders, this report outlines a handful of business models that could be adopted by local authorities for use in structuring their partnership working.

IPPR, August 2014

While making some suggestions about improvements that could be made in the rail franchise process, the main thrust of this report is how to address the relative failure of bus deregulation.

The King's Fund, September 2014

The final report from the independent Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England recommends moving to a single, ring-fenced budget for the NHS and social care, with a single commissioner for local services.

Centre for Local Economic Strategies and Federation of Small Businesses, September 2014

Using survey answers from Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs), local authorities, and small and large businesses, this report makes 20 recommendations to address the perceived confusion over the part LEPs should play in driving growth and prosperity.

Parliament Street

A six page argument intended to persuade local authorities of the need to embrace a 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) policy as thoroughly as the private sector.

Local Government Association

Setting out the LGA's action plan for the victor in the 2015 general election, eight key suggestions form the bulk of these twenty eight pages, which conclude with a simplified cost-benefit analysis suggesting that implementing their proposals during the first 100 days of the new parliament would save the public purse £11 billion.

Local Government Association

The third iteration of this report continues to make stark reading, with the funding gap in local government growing by £2.1billion per year.

Local Government Association / Solace

This is the first report from 'Local Government Knowledge Navigator' a two-year project funded by the ESRC and steered by it, the LGA, and Solace, to improve the links between researchers and local government.

Solace, July 2014

The Manifesto posits that public services tend to be more efficient and more responsive to communities when delivered locally and states 'successive governments have extolled the virtues of localism on their road to power, but have failed to deliver'.

Nesta, July 2014

"Social Innovations can be said to have scaled when their impact grows to match their level of need" so begins a collection of case studies.

Nesta, July 2014

"Like chasing unicorns" is how the employers interviewed in this report characterise trying to recruit data analysts with the right mix of skills.

City Growth Commission, July 2014

The new report from the City Growth Commission calls for a raft of changes to infrastructure finance and regional governance to connect 'lots of mid-sized cities and create a metro area comparable in size to London'.

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