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Rural local authorities have reacted with disbelief to the Government's latest funding consultation which moves considerable resources to urban areas in London and the south east of England.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013 00:01

Government must heed MPs rural warning

The government must take action following a warning by MPs that countryside communities are being given a raw deal, says England's biggest rural partnership.


Rural communities will bear the brunt of government cuts that will force local councils to slash their services.


Health professionals and eminent academics convene in Nottingham for a conference that sees the birth of a new Rural Health Network.


Pressure on public funding threatens to put rural communities at risk when it comes to fire and rescue services, warns a report.


Sunday, 28 October 2012 23:26

Rural communities are 'more vulnerable'

Rural  local authorities are becoming more vulnerable, reveals a study for the Rural Services Network.


The Rural Services Network news service scored top marks in a survey of members.


Government plans to revive tenants' rights to buy their council house are unlikely to work in rural areas, the government has been told.


Giving parish and and town councils and local people more say on planning proposals in their area will be good for rural communities, suggests a survey.


Public services in rural communities are among those worst affected by central government cuts, a new report finds.


The Rural Services Network is calling on the government to reduce the deficit in local authority funding for people in the countryside.


People in the countryside receive 50% less government grant yet pay £100 a year more each in council tax - and get fewer public services in return.



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