Wednesday, 28 February 2018 07:25

Plan to phase out farm payments

A new system of payments aims to improve the rural environment and delivery of public goods.

Monday, 15 January 2018 09:30

New clampdown against fly-tippers

The government has unveiled new powers to tackle fly-tipping and plans to combat the dumping of illegal waste.

Wednesday, 01 November 2017 21:35

How research affects food and farming

RURAL researchers will visit two farmers' markets to talk about food and farming – and how their work affects the products we buy.

Wednesday, 01 November 2017 19:52

Countryside is good for you - study

SPENDING time in the countryside is better for your brain than spending time in the city, says a study.

Thursday, 19 October 2017 13:15

7% increase in fly-tipping incidents

Fly-tipping incidents have soared by 7% over the past year – excluding the number of cases on private land.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017 12:06

'Seize vehicles to combat fly-tipping'

Rural campaigners say seizing vehicles must become the default penalty for fly-tipping in the countryside.

Monday, 28 August 2017 20:30

Members needed for access forum

Rural residents in Hampshire are being urged to have their say on the future of the county's countryside.

Thursday, 20 April 2017 10:54

Don't punish diesel drivers - rural MP

The government must not punish motorists who drive diesel vehicles, a prominent rural MP has warned.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017 11:06

'Missed chance' to tackle fly-tipping

Government plans to tackle the scourge of fly-tipping are a missed opportunity, rural leaders have warned.

Monday, 10 April 2017 14:25

Government crackdown on fly-tippers

Fly-tippers could be forced to help councils clear-up illegally dumped waste in a new drive to clean up the countryside.

Sunday, 05 March 2017 14:07

Call for new approach to rural land use

CAMPAIGNERS have called for a more strategic approach to rural land use and the countryside.

Thursday, 02 March 2017 11:28

Rural fly-tipping incidents on the rise

Fly-tipping incidents are on the rise – with more rubbish being illegally dumped in rural areas.

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