Commission for Rural Communities

A selection of key reports produced by the Commission for Rural Communities is archived with permission below.

These documents are included here with the agreement of the commission and DEFRA, before the commission's website was archived in 2013.

Earlier documents produced by the commission are also being archived below.

The commission's previous website, which was archived as it existed on 3 March 2011, can be accessed by clicking here.


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Latest reports:


- Rural micro-businesses: what makes some thrive in a challenging economic climate?'

          - Full report


- Barriers to Education, Employment and Training for Young People in Rural Areas

          - Executive summary

          - Full report


- Social Isolation Experienced by Older People in Rural Areas

          - Executive summary

          - Full report


- How are Rural Interests being Represented by Local Enterprise Partnerships?

          - Full report


- Rural Housing at a Time of Economic Change

          - Executive summary

          - Full report


- The Balance between Need and Funding for Social Care in Rural Areas

          - Full report




Earlier documents:


- Rural Disadvantage

A major baseline study examining the nature of rural disadvantage, why it occurs, the policy responses and their impact.


- Rural Disadvantage – Futures Thinkpiece

A report produced on behalf of the commission summarising contemporary thinking about the future of disadvantage in rural areas.


- High ground, High potential : a future for England’s upland communities

 Identifying and evaluate the drivers of change in upland communities, including a summary and full report.


- The Rural Big Society

The Big Society approach is already alive and well in many of our rural villages and market towns. But there’s a lot more that could be done to help.


- Rural and urban definitions

An overview of how different geographies are officially defined for analytical purposes as rural or urban.


- State of the countryside
The latest comprehensive information on the social, economic and environmental condition of rural England.

- 10 Big Numbers

Headline facts covering a range of factors affecting fundamental aspects of living and working in rural areas.


- Rural Proofing – Toolkit

Rural proofing is a commitment by government to ensure domestic policies take account of rural circumstances and needs.


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