Older People

Brexit hurdles to keep countryside a place for us all

5 July 2017

For too long, rural people and businesses have been left behind and sidelined.

(Source: Yorkshire Post)


University study needs older people to help understand emotions

9 July 2017

Healthy older people are needed for an exciting university study to see how well people process emotions in their later years.

(Source: Chelmsford Weekly)


Only 10% of councils have housing policy for elderly

24 July 2017

Two-thirds of local authorities in the UK have no elderly accommodation policy or site allocation at all.

(Source: The Planner)


Half of older people suffer 'unmet' care needs, report finds

20 July 2017

A research project highlights the experiences of unmet need for care among older people living in their own homes. (Source: LocalGov)


Business aims to fight rural isolation

20 July 2017

A new Sudbury business aims to fight rural isolation among elderly people who live alone.

(Source: Suffolk Free Press)


Campaign launched to bring birthday cheer to isolated people

7 July 2017

A Rural Wellbeing Service which then sends on the cards to the older people ...

(Source: Harrogate Advertiser)


Campaign to replace stolen Rural Coffee Caravan

11 August 2017

Well-wishers raise £25,000 to replace a caravan that offers coffee and company to older people across Suffolk.

(Source: East Anglian Daily Times)


Anger as council withdraws rural bus subsidy

22 July 2017

Dorset County Council subsidises 35 bus services but has decided to only renew its financial support for seven of them.

(Source: Dorset Echo)


What do you do when your local branch has gone?

27 June 2017

Elderly people less familiar with the latest technology are being cut off from banking.

(Source: The Telegraph)

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