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Access to adequate broadband - and indeed the lack of it - remains a big challenge for rural business and communities.

Remote rural areas often face challenges with technological advances as they are grafted on to existing networks.

Broadband is the classic example.

Lack of technological capacity can impact on areas from both an economic and a social viewpoint.

The Rural Services Network aims to ensure rural communities are fully updated on both developments and concerns.


Latest updates:


Broadband boost for remotest parts of UK
22 December 2016
Around 600,000 more homes and businesses could be connected to superfast broadband, after the government recouped £440m. (BBC Online)


The farmer who built her own broadband
26 December 2016
Chris Conder explains how she created a local superfast broadband network. (BBC Online)


Rural families with poor broadband may be given vouchers to spend on getting connected
22 December 2016
Rural families with poor broadband will be given cash vouchers to spend on their own internet providers under plans by Number 10. (The Telegraph)


Church spires in rural areas to be equipped with broadband satellites
7 January 2017
Church spires in rural locations are to be equipped with broadband satellites to boost connectivity for local people. (uSwitch)

Bury MP urges using Suffolk for broadband pilots
22 December 2016
MP Jo Churchill has suggested the Government use her Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket constituency as a pilot area for improving broadband coverage. (Bury Free Press)

Poor broadband for 28 schools across Wales
6 January 2017
Slow broadband speeds have left 28 primary schools facing problems using online learning resources, it has emerged. (BBC Online)

Superfast broadband for 25 more communities
28 December 2016
The Superfast Cornwall partnership has made the broadband technology available to a further 1,450 households and businesses. (Pirate FM)

Slow broadband ‘holding back’ business for farmers
12 December 2016
A lack of reliable internet connectivity is “holding back” farm businesses, says the Farmers Union of Wales. (Broadband Choices)

£200,000 lottery cash will get rural tenants online
14 November 2016
A housing association aims to help its tenants in rural areas access broadband thanks to more than £200,000 of lottery funding. (Western Telegraph)

Next phase of superfast broadband underway
29 December 2016
THE next wave of a huge broadband project in Hampshire is about to start. (Hampshire Chronicle)

Small businesses raise broadband concerns with MPs
9 January 2017
The need for faster broadband was a key issue raised with MPs by small businesses. (Dorset Echo)

Next two years ‘crucial’ in tackling digital divide
9 January 2017
THE next two years are crucial in ending the digital divide holding back the rural economy, says the Country, Land and Business Association. (Staffordshire Newsletter)

Small businesses raise broadband concerns with MPs
9 January 2017
The need for faster broadband was a key issue raised with MPs by small businesses. (Dorset Echo)

One-quarter of rural areas without ‘decent’ broadband
19 December 2016
About one-quarter of properties in rural areas are still unable to get a decent broadband connection, a report by telecoms regulator Ofcom has revealed. (Farmers Weekly)

MP turns the heat up for better broadband
9 January 2017
Louth MP Victoria Atkins is on a mission to speed up broadband in the county. (Grimsby Telegraph)

Rural broadband to get £440 million boost
28 December 2017
The government has managed to scrape together an extra £440 million to put towards improving rural broadband. (Broadband Choices)



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Broadband Toolkit

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