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Rural people support more homes

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Rural people support more homes

Two thirds of rural people support building the new of homes in their local area, says a survey.

Some 65% of those who said they live in 'a country village or a farm or home in the countryside' supported new affordable homes being built.

In all nine regions of England, support was between 67% and 79%, according to the latest British Social Attitudes survey, carried out by NatCen.

Overall, the survey shows that almost twice as many people in England back building new homes in their local area as in 2010.

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Support for new homes nearly doubled from 29% in 2010 to 57% in 2016, rising to almost 3 in 4 (73%) if the homes are affordable to people on average local incomes.

The National Housing Federation said the figures showed that the public were clear about wanting new affordable homes to be built in their local area.

Some 69% of homeowners said they supported new affordable homes, while just 1 in 5 (18%) said they were opposed.

There was also a feeling that government intervention in the housing market is needed.

Some 73% agreed that government should give financial assistance to those on low incomes, so they could afford the costs of renting a home.

National Housing Federation chief executive David Orr said the figures showed the decline in Nimby (Not in My Back Yard) attitudes.

Mr Orr said: "We are entering the age of the 'yimby'. More and more of us are saying 'yes, in my back yard!'"

This shift had taken place in our cities and countryside, across political allegiances and all age groups, as home owning parents watched their adult children struggle.

"Today the housing crisis is everyone's problem," said Mr Orr. "There is a growing consensus that the Government must intervene in the housing market.

And that this intervention must go beyond traditional market mechanisms; the homes the public want built are affordable homes.

"It is only housing associations that can build the types of homes the public want at the scale the nation needs.

"We are no longer a nation of Nimbys but some in Westminster have yet to grasp this.

"The public are clear: we need to build affordable homes all over the country."

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  • Guest (C.P.Hassall)


    "Randy Mice-Davies" (or, for those not old enough to remember the Profumo affair -- "He would say that wouldn't he?" ).
    Mr.David Orr -- Chief Exec. of the National Housing Federation -- what else would you expect ? I'll wager "the public" were asked if they supported 'affordable homes for local people' in their vllages -- but the headline just says "Two thirds of rural people support the building of new homes in their local area." (or words to that effect).
    Need I say more ?

    from Bideford, UK
  • Guest (Michael Burt)


    It seems to me that someone will need to invent a new communication system if we are to get through to those in Westminster.
    To many Landlords are on the receiving end of Housing benefit paid for by the Tax Payer. I do agree that those on low incomes need help but not at the expense of not building houses,

    from North Dorset District, UK

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